Since I became known as an ‘Indian Jewish author,’ and being a Jew, I would often wonder, if my novels would ever be translated in Hebrew, about which, I had written in ‘BOOK OF RACHEL’ – ‘the language of our prayers.” Then, I gave up, but last year in 2020, I received a phone call from Gandhian scholar Shimon Lev, author of ‘Soulmates – The Story of Mahatma Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach,’ published by Orient Black-Swan 2012. He was in Ahmedabad, working on another project. So, we decided to meet at a café, where I often meet friends. I do not know, at which moment, over cups of tea and cold-drinks, Shimon asked about my novels; and was surprised that am not translated in Hebrew. 

Later, miraculously, during the Lockdown, I received an email about such a possibility and the rest is history….

As the Jewish New Year approaches and my novel ‘Book of Rachel,’ Hebrew edition, titled, ‘Sefer Rachel’ is available in Israel, I wish to say – A big “Thank You” and “New Year Greetings” to my publisher Ktzia, friend Shimon for believing in ‘Rachel,’ so that the book is a reality, also for his endless questions, detailing and editing the Hebrew edition, Yontan for translating Book of Rachel, Roni for her article and dear friend Shalva… 

–      Esther David      

Publishing House Gamma, Tel Aviv

Link:  (Owner Dr. Ktzia Alon)

Editor and Academic editor – Dr Shimon Lev

Translation: Yontan Alon

Content of the Book:

Preface: Shimon Lev

The Book of Rachel – Esther David

(Hebrew Title – SEFER RACHEL) 

Food and related items glossary: Dr.  Shimon Lev

Epilogue: Dr.  Shimon Lev

Between Danda and Dimona – The Story of Bnei Israel Community in India and Israel – Prof. Shalva Weil

 Exoticizing the Self: Indianness and Jewishness in the Literary Work of Esther David –  – Dr. Roni Parchak

Being an Indian- Jewish Womam – The Mizrachi Feminism of Rachel (Dandkar) and Esther (David)

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