An open letter to a teenage student of Ahmedabad

I have been following Happy Streets in the Times of India and so far, I was pleased to note that all of you have the freedom to roam and have fun on traffic-free roads. But, just two days before Yoga-Day, midday, one of you, riding his cycle at full- speed; hit me on this very road. I was crossing the road and was on the right lane, when there was a red light at the crossroads and there was no traffic. But, even as I turned to cross, I felt something like a boulder hit me and felt myself falling. The next thing, I knew was that I was sprawled out on the road, even as the green light blinked and the traffic started, but before that, some shop-keepers hauled me onto the pavement like a ton of bricks. I was in great pain, as I stood up and saw you were stopped by the shop-keepers and although I was shocked and badly hurt, I gave you a lecture on traffic sense. But, I was in for a greater shock, when like all young people, instead of being sorry, you were defiant and angry with me and held me responsible for crossing the road and did not accept that you were wrong, going ULTA, instead of being in the regular correct lane on the other side of the road. I had half a mind to shake you and hand you over to the traffic police, but let you go, as you were as old as my grandson. But, I will always remember your face. So, like all grandmothers, I would like to advice you to have a heart, accept your mistake and follow traffic rules.

(p.s. This note is for all heads of schools that they instill traffic rules in students, as I believe, we also have a Traffic Park at Lal Darwaza, which could become functional and help students understand the rules, as every day, many people of all ages are hit by vehicles)

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