Reuben David’s Canine Medicines, Made in 1940

Insect powder for dogs, horses, cattle, cats, rabbits, birds, poultry, etc. Price – Rs. 2.

A powerful non-irritant germicide for fleas, lice and other insects found on dogs, cats, etc. Speedily cures dandruff and scurf and imparts a smart, glossy appearance.

Eyewash for dogs. Price – Rs. 1-2

Invaluable for soothing and cleansing weak, watery, and cloudy eyes and effective for simple chronic conjunctivitis. Safe for puppies and dogs.

Bathe the eyes thrice-a-day as a preventive measure for eye diseases.

Mange oil – Rs.1 and 6 annas

A highly effective germicide, non-poisonous, non-irritant. It is a healing oil for mange, eczema and all types of skin troubles and is an efficient hair-restorer. Mange oil should be well rubbed over the affected parts twice a day. For excellent effects, it is advisable to worm your dog before administering mange oil.

Gel for dogs, horses and cattle- Rs. 1-12

For rheumatism, sprains, stiffness, bronchitis, coughs, colds. Muzzle the dog to prevent licking and massage the gel, for two to three minutes daily. To obtain quick relief avoid exposure, keep the parts warm and well covered.

Massage for five minutes for cattle and horses

Hair conditioner for dogs – Rs. 2-4.

A miraculous tonic for weak, thin hair, falling hair, loss of coat and baldness. Gives the coat a vigorous growth and imparts a healthy, natural, shine with prefect texture. Massage conditioner gently but firmly into the effected parts, twice daily. It will stimulate a new growth. Treat dog for general debility. Diet should be nourishing, but light. Protect eyes. Use soap sparingly. Also, use hair tonics and conditioning powders.

Bird tonic for Canaries and Finches – Rs.1.

Strengthens and tones the system of birds and leads to perfect health, plumage, song and breeding condition.

A syrup of orange and saffron was used to brighten the colour of feathers in canaries.

Father also sold packets of Luster-On Tooth powder for dogs with a made in U.K. tag. It was fragrant, refreshing and antiseptic!