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Reuben David’s Website Launch

This year, 23-3-2016, on the 27th Death Anniversary of my father; zoologist Padmashree Reuben David (1912-1989) his website was formally launched at Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden at the Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden at 11 a.m, exactly four years after his centenary celebration (104), which was held at the same venue on his birth date 19-9-2012. During this occasion, Esther David felicitated young naturalist Viral Joshi, who hails from a village near Amreli, with her book MY FATHERS ZOO, as, on his own initiative Viral Joshi has collected innumerable bird songs.

Reuben David on the importance of zoos

The innovation of keeping animals, birds and reptiles in captivity comes from the Bible, which says, go unto the Ark; you and your household; and take unto the Ark with you from all living creatures, two of every kind, one pair, one male and female. I will save them together with you, so that after the flood they may multiply and grow and fill the earth. With Noah’s help, god saved numerous animals and birds from extinction. Probably the wildlife sanctuaries and the zoological parks carry on the inheritance by being Noah’s Arks in a scientific way and help save birds, animals and reptiles. Let this be an allegory, or a fantasy or a myth, but the thought itself is wonderful and full of imagination and gives the entire background of preservation of wild life, even though it may have been a million years ago.

The Maninagar and Vadnagar Panther

That father had a mystical relationship with panthers became evident when a wild panther strayed into Ahmedabad.

Father drove down to the school and saw the panther running wild in the street. The panther had mauled a man. He had chased a cyclist and gone for his neck, but the shouts of the crowd had made him nervous. Trying to find a safe place he had jumped into the courtyard of a house.

Reuben David – the Last Magician of Ahmedabad – Esther David

This story is about my father Reuben David and the gift he gave Ahmedabad with the zoo complex. This story revolves around him. It is about a man, who was one of the last magicians of Ahmedabad. He gave Ahmedabad a zoo, a children’s park and planted more than a thousand trees around the Kankaria lake. Whatever he touched; turned green. He created an awareness of nature in Ahmedabad and put it on the world map, by making one of the best zoos in Asia.

Reuben David’s Canine Medicines, Made in 1940

A highly effective germicide, non-poisonous, non-irritant. It is a healing oil for mange, eczema and all types of skin troubles and is an efficient hair-restorer. Mange oil should be well rubbed over the affected parts twice a day. For excellent effects, it is advisable to worm your dog before administering mange oil.

Reuben David on Albino Birds, Animals and Reptiles

Reuben David’s interest in white and albino birds, animals and reptiles. (From study material collected by the zoologist, the late Padmashree Reuben David, creator of the Ahmedabad zoo – 1912-1989) Padmashree Reuben David (1912-1989) was known as a miracle-man and the gentle animal keeper of Ahmedabad. He created one of the most remarkable zoos in India and was awarded the Padmashree in 1975.